Switzerland: 'Ready to welcome them back' — IOC on Russia’s membership reinstatement

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), spoke about the sportive body's readiness to 'welcome back' Russia after a doping scandal saw the country's membership temporarily suspended in December 2017, in a presser in Lausanne on Friday. «It's is a readiness to turn the page,» Bach said as he lauded Russia's readiness to undertake necessary reforms and IOC's willingness... Еще to aid with those reforms. «You have a new NOC [National Olympic Committee], you have a new RUSADA [Russian Anti-Doping Agency],» he added. The presser came at the end of a three-day meeting between the IOC executive board focused on receiving reports of the upcoming Olympic Games and various IOC commissions, as well as updates on activities of the IOC administration.

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