Switzerland: Peace talks were ‘missed opportunity’ — UN special envoy to Syria

UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura said that the UN-mediated Syria peace talks were “a golden missed opportunity,” during a press conference in Geneva on Thursday. At the end of the eighth round of the peace talks, de Mistura admitted that «despite a lot of effort by my whole team, day and night, with all sorts of creative formulas, we did not have real negotiations.» He criticised... Еще the Syrian government for only engaging with him on terrorism whereas “the opposition in particular engaged with us in all four baskets, governance, constitutional process, elections, and countering terrorism, and also gave me some concrete ideas on the so-called 12 essential principles.” However, the UN Special Envoy explained that his team is “not going to give up the Syrian people,” and he was still planning to resume the talks next month. “If this stops, the alternative is going back to war, the alternative is abandoning Syria,” said de Mistura.

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