Switzerland: Macron urges reforms in face of globalisation risks

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed to the participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Wednesday saying that there is a possibility of globalisation facing a crisis. He said that people, who have been taking the advantage of globalisation were at risk as «the interests, the people are not aligned. And this affects the democratic process.» «Distances got shorter, everything got... Еще faster, but things are falling apart in our societies. There are people that are highly mobile who are taking advantage of the globalisation, and their life is more connected to people in Mumbai or San Francisco, rather than their neighbours. You are taking a risk here,» added Macron. He urged the international community to establish a standard for the globalisation process otherwise, «We will never show to middle classes or the working classes that globalisation is good for them.» Speaking of trade, Macron underlined the necessity to «increase in non-cooperative strategies, hinging on more protectionism.»


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