Switzerland: 'Huge mistake' — Yemeni FM slams Houthi no-show

Yemeni Foreign Minister Khaled Alyemany denounced the absence of the Houthi group from the UN Consultations on Yemen as 'disrespectful,' and 'a huge mistake' while speaking to the press in Geneva, on Thursday. Alyemany claimed that the reason for the Houthis for not attending was disputes within their own side. «I think they have a lot of problems and they're quarrelling on who should be... Еще representing the Houthis in Geneva,» he said. However, Houthi sources maintained that they are being prevented from leaving Yemen, through airspace that is controlled by the Saudi-led coalition. With one side not having touched down in Switzerland, the Yemeni government has been alluding to their early departure. «We came to Geneva and we engaged the Special Envoy and his team with all his efforts but we will not stay indefinitely,» Alyemany said. Earlier the day, the Office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen released a statement saying that the envoy, Martin Griffiths, «was hopeful to see Sana'a delegation present.» In the statement, the UN stated that Griffiths was continuing to make efforts to push forward the consultations that aim at negotiating an end of the conflict.

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