Switzerland: Football legends team up in Match for Solidarity

SOT, David James, goalkeeper: «I won't say England of course. I'm looking through the teams quickly. I think Germany, because I have the most Bayern of Munich players.» SOT, Journalist: «But you think England has a good chance?» SOT, David James, goalkeeper:» I think *INAUDIBLE* is going to give it the best chance. The best shot is it's got sorry, I have a bit of a dry mouth, but yeah, the... Еще quality of the Premiere League teams...is a strong time for it so, we got a good chance.» SOT, Journalist (French): «Is it a good training opportunity?» SOT, Christian Karembeu, football player (French): «Yes, it's good to be in conditions for June 2. We already played five or six games. SOT, Journalist (French): «What can we improve in this type of games?» SOT, Christian Karembeu, football player (French): «Obviously, the product is attractive, it's about charity, people are generous. It makes people think about a way of doing because players let themselves go, so there is a tendency to see your performance after your career and your physical level, so this is something we should improve; improve the performance during and after the career.» A parade of football legends took part in the joint UEFA-United Nations 'Match for Solidarity' in Geneva on Saturday. Former football stars including Luis Figo, Ronaldinho, Christian Karembeu, Luis Figo, Frank de Boer and David James are some of the football stars that attended the event. The Match for Solidarity featured two line-ups, captained by Figo and Ronaldinho. The match is aimed at promoting peace, human rights and well-being in the world, through the Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the United Nations. Any money made will be used to help fund non-profit organisations globally and locally. This year, one of the main beneficiary will be Autisme Geneve.

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