Switzerland: First appeal hearing over banned Russian athletes concluded in Geneva

SOT, journalist (Russian): «Did you have the chance to ask anything?» Olga Fatkulina, ice speed skater (Russian): «No. We thanked the court that they allowed us to hear what he has to say at least.» journalist (Russian): «What would be the ideal outcome for you guys?» Olga Fatkulina, ice speed skater (Russian): «The ideal outcome of course would be if they allowed us to participate in the... Еще Olympics.» journalist (Russian): «Did Rodchenko even say something reasonable?» (Fatkulina shaking her head and leaving) Speed skaters Olga Fatkulina and Alexander Rumyantsev left Geneva's CICG after the first round of CAS hearings of Russian athletes over Olympics doping ban was concluded on Monday. Speaking to the press Rumyantsev said that he cannot reveal anything about the procedure in order not to impede the hearings of the other athletes. Fatkulina for her part stated that both athletes were heard by the court and were in turn allowed to hear Rodchenko's testimony. Fatkulina and Kuznezov were the first athletes to be heard by CAS and the only ones present on Monday, among 40 others who have appealed their sentences that had been issued by the IOC and are due to be heard in the coming week. In December, the IOC made the announcement that only 'clean' athletes will be allowed to compete under the neutral «Olympic Athlete from Russia» (OAR) flag, following an investigation into alleged Russian state-sponsored doping.

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