Switzerland: De Mistura says 'progress is possible' in Syrian talks

United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura expressed confidence that «progress is possible» in Syria talks, during a news conference in Geneva on Thursday. «This is a Syrian-owned, Syrian-led UN facilitated effort that we are seeking and intending to carry forward. We are seeing movement and we will keep seeking more of it,» de Mistura said. He however cautioned about having big... Еще expectations, saying «I don't expect, let's be frank, a major breakthrough, okay, but I'm confident that progress is possible and there is something moving in that direction and we need to capitalize on it.» De Mistura also confirmed that he received a list of 50 names from the Syrian government, from which candidates will be selected to join a constitutional committee to set a framework for political reform in Syria. According to reports, de Mistura plans to hold talks with Russian, Turkish, and Iranian officials early next week, and later on the 25th will meet with US, Saudi, German, British, French, and Jordanian officials.

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