Switzerland: 'Constant air raids from the coalition' — UN on Raqqa residents' plight

Chair of the UN/ISSG Task Force on Humanitarian Access in Syria, Jan Egeland, addressed the plight of the residents of the IS-held Syrian city of Raqqa during a statement in Geneva, Thursday. «There is heavy shelling from the surrounding and encircling SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] forces and there are constant air raids from the coalition,» Egeland said. «So the casualties, civilian... Еще casualties, are large and there seems to be no real escape for these civilians,» he stated. The UN official went on to say that fighters of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) are ready to use the civilians as human shields. «Now is the time to think of possibilities, courses or other ways that might facilitate the escape of civilians, knowing that Islamic State fighters are doing their absolute best to use them as human shields,» he stated. «I cannot think of a worse place on earth now than in these five neighborhoods for these 20,000,» Egeland concluded.
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