Switzerland: Biggest obstacle is 'trust' — de Mistura on Syria negotiations

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura addressed a press conference in Geneva on Thursday concerning the UN-mediated Syria peace talks between government and opposition delegations. Earlier in the day the two sets of delegations sat in separate rooms inside the UN building while de Mistura shuttled between them both. “It’s true that it is always good to have direct dialogue, but for a... Еще mediator what matters is the substance,» said de Mistura. The UN envoy highlighted the importance of the negotiations, stating that “they might guide the drafting of a new constitution, and actually be an entry point for reconciliation discussions.” However, he also added that “if they don’t follow what we are advising them, there will be and there can be a very negative consequence.» Mistura stated that the biggest obstacle in the peace talks is “trust.» The UN diplomat said that the current round of talks could go on till December 15, with breaks. He also mentioned an undisclosed «12 points» that he said «could be a shared vision of the kind of Syria that the Syrians want to live in.»

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