Switzerland: Bannon talks rise of right-wing populism during Zurich event

Former Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Steve Bannon spoke on the emergence of right-wing populist movements in the Western world, at an event organised by weekly magazine Die Weltwoche in Zurich, Tuesday. «Look at what's happened in Poland, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Austria. Even in France and Germany. Look at AfD, look at Front National. These are not always victories but the... Еще momentum in the movement continually goes,» said former Trump adviser Bannon. «This migrant issue is not solvable by working class people in Italy. The problems of Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa have to be sorted out in Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa,» he added. Commenting the election of US President Donald Trump, Bannon said, «75 percent of the American people believe that the United States was in decline, and that when you looked at the cross-tabs, the working class and lower-middle class refused to accept that. They were looking for someone to make America great again. That person, that instrument, that candidate, that weapon was Donald Trump.»

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