Sweet tooth, Midas tooth! Gold-studded 'king cakes' sold by Brussels bakery

A Brussels bakery has been putting its own Midas touch on traditional Epiphany 'King cakes' by sliding 18-carat golden coins inside them, as shown in footage from Monday. The tradition sees that the one who discovers a 'feve' — usually a plastic or porcelain trinket acting as lucky charm — buried inside one of the 'galette des roi's' slices becomes «king» for a day. Brussels' De Weerdt Bakery... Еще have been using gold coins as lucky charms for their royal treats since 2019, and this golden gimmick has proven to be a hit with customers. «Three coins are worth €320 ($358) each and three coins are worth €150 ($168) a piece,» said De Weerdt Bakery owner Luc De Weerdt. «The lucky one is chosen to be the king for the day. In ancient Roman times, slaves could become free through this ritual,» said customer Claude Bergmans. The 'galettes des rois' are a staple in France, Belgium and Luxembourg over Epiphany.

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