Sweden: Prime Minister ends election campaign with rally

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven attended his final pre-election rally for the Social Democratic Party in the southern city of Linkoeping on Saturday, on the eve of tomorrow's poll. Welcomed by hundreds of voters, Loefven mingled with the crowd, shaking hands, posing for photos, handing out roses and talking to supporters. In an interview, Loefven said divisions within Swedish society... Еще must be closed by investing in social welfare, in turn diminishing the appeal of radical groups. «I want everybody to feel that 'I am a part of this future, a future project' and that is why I am so determined to keep investing in our welfare. Because when you achieve that, so people feel safe and secure, they are not drawn to these extremists.» he said. Opinion polls suggest that the Social Democrats will become the biggest party in the new parliament and could be in a position to form another minority government.

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