Sweden: Polling stations close in Stockholm

“We have the Swedish Democrats maybe coming to power or at least shared power. That might cause some changes,” said one resident of Stockholm on Sunday evening, as election polls closed across the country. Speaking about the popularity of the far-right Sweden Democrats, another resident said that Sweden’s “long tradition of peace” is changing. «That’s scary and it’s pretty much up to the... Еще existing politicians who have not sort of seen the questions coming up in all those people’s minds, who are worried about integration”, she added. The ongoing election is considered to be Sweden's most important election in decades, with immigration being the central issue in the campaign after Sweden accepted 163,000 refugees in 2015 — the highest intake in the EU per head of population. Opinion polls suggest that the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats may win around 20 percent of the vote, which would make them the second largest party in parliament after the Social Democrats.

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