Sweden: Mothers continue night patrols against anti-social behaviour

A group of mothers continue to have night watch patrols on the streets of Rogsved, a Stockholm suburb, in an attempt to maintain the peace and protect the neighbourhood from local gangs and rowdy youth, as seen on footage from Thursday. The night watch patrols have been taking place for almost a year now. The group is consisted of several mothers who feel they are more apt at handling the young... Еще people than the police. «Yes, the youth act better towards us than they do towards the police. The police are intimidating to them, so they cause problems with them. But we are like their mothers, we try to advise them, so they aren't scared of us,» said Iman Mahmoud, one of the night watch mothers. The night watch, which takes place every Friday, usually follows a briefing with local police and security personnel, lasting about two hours. «When you speak about low income housing and people who live in those areas, they are usually very resistant against authorities and such. So when they instead see a mother or a neighbour walking around, you tend to be more kinder, you don’t talk back as much, or be as rude as you would, because of the possibility that it might be your mother or a friend's mother,» said Brouk Worku, one of the organisers of the night watch.

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