Sweden: Locals somber as Stockholm’s election syndrome dawns

Locals in the Swedish capital of Stockholm offered their somber outlook on Monday just hours after the country went to the polls. The seismic change has scared some. One man said, «It's a shame that we have a racist party in the Swedish parliament. It's a bad situation for Sweden I think. I'm worried.» One supporter of the Swedish Democrats said, «My feelings are kind of, a little bit sad... Еще, because I am with the party Sweden Democrats and we were hoping to higher levels. It's needed that people are waking up and see the reality. And I think it's going to be worse before it's going to be better.» According to first preliminary official results the anti-immigration nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD), won 17.6% of the vote, below the 25% some polls had predicted. Social Democrats, led by incumbent Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, had the lowest score for a century, just winning 28.4% of vote. The third party, the Moderate, got 19.8%. Both the two main bloc hasn't reach the majority as the centre-left has scored 40.6% of the vote and the centre -right 40.2%. In the last 4 years Sweden allowed 163.000 migrants into the country, it helped the increasing of anti immigration parties. Sweden is not the only country to have seen the increasing of these movements: Italy is lead by the anti-establishment Five Star and the right-wing League, in 2017 the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) won with 12.6% of votes, and The Danish People's Party had 21% in 2015.

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