Sweden: Local municipality uses robot to conduct job interviews amid COVID crisis

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Upplands-Bro Municipality in Sweden has employed a talking robot to screen candidates during its hiring process. Although the municipality has tested the robot, known as Tengai, in interviews prior to coronavirus, the worldwide pandemic has proven the perfect opportunity to continue to experiment with new technology as in-person contact remains reduced. The... Еще experience of being interviewed by nothing more than an electronic head sitting on a chair has been a mixed bag for prospective candidates so far. «Some say that that it’s really awkward, some say that it’s nice, some say that they want more nodding and humming, as it is in normal interviews, but we need to know that this version of Tengai that we use is more of a screening person, or screening robot, so it doesn’t take the whole interview,» said Havva Ilhan, a member of the human resources departments at the municipality on Wednesday. While the robot may serve as a model for hiring procedures during the pandemic, the municipality notes the other positive benefits of relying on artificial intelligence, such as weeding out early biases that may affect candidate success. «We know that during the interview we will be affected by, you having a hat, or you looking in a certain way, or you speaking, or you nodding not nodding, your hobbies and so on. So enable to ensure these unbiasedness in the whole process, we know that we need to do different tests,» Ilhan remarked. The Tengai robot is a product of Tengai AB, an artificial intelligence start-up based in Solna, Sweden.

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