Sweden: «I want my own country» — Kurds rally for independence ahead of referendum

Hundreds of Kurds rallied in favour of independence in Stockholm, Saturday, ahead of an upcoming referendum on Kurdish independence from Iraq on September 25. Pro-independence demonstrators played and sang traditional songs during the rally. Many waved the flag of Kurdistan and held signs reading 'Free Kurdistan' and 'I want my own country' to show their support for an autonomous Kurdistan... Еще. The historic referendum is set to take place on September 25, however the Iraqi parliament has rejected the plans and has authorised a resolution that allows Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to take measures to preserve the country's existing borders. The Kurdish population have been pushing for independence in a historical process dating back to the aftermath of World War Two, during which time Kurdish-populated regions were split between different countries as Middle Eastern borders were redrawn.

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