Sweden: French and US units join Swedish military for Aurora-17 drills

The Swedish military held joint drills with French and US air defense units, with anti-aircraft systems, in Gothenburg, Wednesday, as part of the Aurora-17 Host Nation Support (HNS) exercise. The Aurora-17 drill took place in «a context where we are at home protecting our country, where we have a situation that occurs when there is a military aggression towards a country», said Swedish Chief... Еще Commander Micael Byden. Military exercises are also set to take place at Landvetter Airport, Hisingen and Gothenburg harbour. The drills are open to the general public, who will be able to watch the exercises. Aurora 17 is the largest military drill in Sweden in 23 years, being carried out from September 11 to 29. More than 19,000 soldiers from the Swedish Armed Forces are taking part, in addition to personnel from a number of authorities and military units from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Norway and the USA.

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