Sweden: Dozens arrested after clashes erupt between antifa and far-right demo

Swedish police report dozens of activists have been arrested on Saturday in the country's second largest city of Gothenburg, during clashes, which involved far-right groups, anti-fascists and police officers. An estimated 600 supporters of the extreme right-wing Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) held a march through the city, causing fierce resistance from thousands of anti-fascist protesters... Еще. According to Hans Lippens, Gothenburg police spokespersong, «The counter-protesters tried to attack these (NRM) just beyond the Liseberg event space. We've managed to stop them here by the bridge and pushed this back.» Originally, the Nordic Resistance Movement was supposed to start not far from Gothenburg Maesse, which is currently hosting a book fair, and then proceed towards the Old Ullevi football stadium. However, upon reaching Liseberg station, on their way to the starting point, right-wing demonstrators began to clash with those who opposed them, and the police were forced to intervene and separate the groups.

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