Support and Resistance

Good morning traders, let's see where the Support and Resistance levels stand this Wednesday morning. Euro/Dollar has steadily been inching higher, and it now has R1 of 1 1830 and S1 of 1 1790. Standing at a 2 year high, R3 sees 6 confirmations, while R1 is a 20 day moving average with 3 studies. R2 is backed up by a psychological level and Bollinger Upper Band. The highest support line sees 4... Еще confirmations, and S2 counts Price Channel Indicator Lower Line among its 3 studies. S3 is a 100 day moving average with 2 models. The Cable has also been trending North, now trading between R1 of 1 3230 and S1 of 1 3170. R1 leads in resistance with 5 models, while the upper two lines have found a single match each, that is, a 20 day moving average for R2 and a psychological level for R3. Standing at a 50 day moving average, S2 sees 4 confirmations, and the highest support line has found 3 matches. S3 is a psychological level with 2 models. Dollar/Yen currently has the closest levels of 112 60 in resistance and 112 20 in support. The lowest resistance line has found 13 matches, and Price Channel Indicator Upper Line is among the 3 studies for R2. R3 counts Bollinger Upper Band as its only confirmation. The upper two support lines have found 4 matches each, including a 20 day moving average for S1 and a 150 day moving average for S2, whereas S3 is backed up by Bollinger Lower Band, a 50 day moving average and another model. And Dollar/Swiss Franc finds itself below R1 of 0 9760 and above S1 of 0 9730. R1 is well confirmed with 15 studies, including a 150 day moving average. Price Channel Indicator Upper Line is among the 3 models for R2, and R3 is a major psychological level with 2 studies. Standing at a 20 day moving average, S2 sees 8 confirmations. The highest support line has found 4 matches, and Bollinger Lower Band is among the 2 studies for S3. I'm Jessica Walker and that's how our in-house model tests out. Check back in tomorrow when the next report will be available.

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