Support and Resistance

We’ve reached the last day of the trading week, so let’s see how our in house model tests out with the Support and Resistance Level Report. Euro/Dollar has been moving in waves, and now has R1 of 1 1790 and S1 of 1 1750. R3 leads in resistance with 10 models including a 24 month high. There are 7 and 6 technicals for R1 and R2 respectively. S1 leads in support with 10 signals. S2 is a 20 day... Еще moving average with 2 technicals, and S3 has found a single match. The trend for the Cable has been shifting throughout the session, and it now stands below R1 of 1 30 and above S1 of 1 2970. R1 is well confirmed with 10 signals, including a pyschological level. R2 has 6 technicals, whereas R3 is a 20 day moving average with 3 matches. Both S1 and S2 have 4 models each, including Bollinger Lower Band and a 50 day moving average for S2. S3 is a 100 day moving average with 2 confirmations. Dollar/Yen has been declining gradually and it currently sits between R1 of 109 50 and S1 of 109 10. R2 has 7 confirmations including a pyschological level, whereas R3 is a 20 day moving average with 4 models. R1 has found 2 matches. Price Channel Indicator, Bollinger Lower Band and 2 other signals support S1. Both S2 and S3 have 1 technical each, including a 6 month low for S2. And Dollar/Swiss Franc has also been moving in a downward trend, leaving it below R1 of 0 9630 and above S1 of 0 9590. R2 is well confirmed 11 models, and R3 has 8 signals. R1 is a 20 day moving average with 7 technicals. S3 leads in support with 6 matches, including Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, Bollinger Lower Band and a 12 month low. S1 has 3 models in support, and S2 is a psychological level with 2 studies. That’s all we have for today’s edition of the Support and Resistance Level Report, I’m Jessica Walker, make sure to check back on Monday to see how the markets have been performing. See you then.

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