Support and Resistance

Hello traders, it’s Thursday morning and that means it’s time for todays Support and Resistance Level Report. Euro/Dollar has lost some ground, leaving it now between R1 of 1 1740 and S1 of 1 1710. R3 leads in resistance with no less than 11 models, including a 24 month high. R1 follows with 10 studies, and R2 has 7 matches. Both S1 and S2 have 2 confirmations each, including a 20 day moving... Еще average for S2. Whilst S3 has one technical. The Cable has been moving in waves, and now sits below R1 of 1 2990 and above S1 of 1 2930. R3 is well confirmed with 13 models, including Bollinger Upper Band and a 6 month high. R1 has 9 confirmations including a pyschological level, whereas R2 has 8 technicals. Both S1 and S3 have 3 studies each, S1 is a 50 day moving average and S3 is supported by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line. S2 is a 100 day moving average with 2 models. Dollar/Yen has been decling throughout the session, and it now stands between R1 of 110 20 and S1 of 109 90. Both R1 and R2 have 10 matches each, and R3 is a 20 day moving average with 4 technicals. S1 leads in support with 7 confirmations including a psychological level. S2 is supported by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, Bollinger Lower Band and two other signals. S3 has 2 models. And Dollar/Swiss Franc has R1 of 0 9680 and S1 of 0 9650. R1 is well confirmed with 12 models. R2 and R3 both have 3 matches each, including Price Channel Indicator Upper Line for R2 and R3 is a 100 day moving average. S1 is a 50 day moving average with 8 technicals. S2 is a 20 day moving average with 4 signals, and S3 is a psychological level with 1 confirmation. So that’s where we stand this Thursday morning with the Support and Resistance Level Report, I’m Kiays Khalil, be sure to keep clicking back for all of the latest forex updates with us here on Dukascopy TV.

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