Suited and botted! Robot with pink dreads mumbles through St. Petersburg’s 2018 budget

A robot with pink wire dreadlocks, plastic ears and a suit trundled into the Leningrad Region governor’s office in Saint Petersburg on Friday to deliver the budget for 2018. The only problem was no one present could make out a word the robot was saying. Instead of outlining the budget in a document, as tradition would dictate, Leningrad Region Governor Aleksandr Drozdenko took ‘electronically... Еще’ literally, introducing a bemused Chairman of the Region’s Legislator Sergei Bebenin to ‘budget bot.’ The robot appears to have been created by the creative robotics lab of the city’s IT, Mechanics and Optics University. It is not known how much of the region’s current budget was spent on the robot and it remains to be seen whether the robot’s garbled speech will affect the region’s finances next year.
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