Suffering Succotash: Tweety Pie stocking fillers hero of independence?

Tweety Pie is just one of many unlikely iconic cartoon characters that have become a symbol for Catalan independence. So it was only a matter of time before enterprising businesses launched a line of figurines in time for the Christmas market. is just one business hoping to cash in by getting their Christmas stock supplies ready at work shops in Costa Bravo, Spain. A caganer, a... Еще figurine depicted in the act of defecation, has for decades appeared in nativity scenes in Catalonia. Owner, Marc Alos Pla, explains: «For years we have come to reflect with two caganer the flags of the independence movement,» adding, «this year watching the latest events, the great masses of people who wanted to vote, we wanted to reflect with the ballot box.» Along with Tweety Pie, people can purchase the figure of Piolin, an Urn and different caganers with flags, all in the name of Catalan independence.

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