Sudan: Ministers resume talks on Ethiopia's GERD dam project

Ministers from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia held their third meeting in a series of talks to discuss the filling and the operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in Khartoum on Saturday. «Sudan acknowledges Egypt's right to use the Nile's water. Sudan also acknowledges the right of Ethiopia to make new developments using Nile waters,» said Sudanese Water Resources Minister Yasir Abbas... Еще said. He called on all parties to follow the principle of «reasonable utilisation without causing significant harm to each other.» «Egypt has been reflecting on the thoughts and concerns that Ethiopia has expressed and we are prepared to revisit certain aspects of our position to address these concerns,» Egyptian Water Resources Minister Mohamed Abdel-Aty said. The three countries have been stuck in a dispute over the dam Ethiopia is building on its territory with Egypt, and Sudan to a lesser extent, concerned that the project may affect its water security.

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