Sudan: Military Council vows to release all prisoners from armed groups, claims none are political prisoners

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) of Sudan vowed to release all political prisoner as a step towards peace talks with the opposition during a press conference in Khartoum on Monday. «We are being truthful, for the sake of our brothers, and we tell them that we are here with good intentions — we have agreed with the council and the president to release the prisoners immediately, the... Еще prisoners belonging to the armed movements,» said the vice-president of the TMC, Mohammad Hmadan Daglo. Daglo also added that the country does not presently have any political prisoner, saying that «some people are lying that the prisons are crowded; we don't have even one politician detained in Sudan, not even one,» assured the Military leader. According to Daglo, a plenary was formed on Sunday to reach and negotiate with the armed movements. «Now we and they are in the same circle, so to speak. Our task is to reach them and bring them inside,» he concluded.

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