Sudan: Military Council closes schools following protests over student demonstrator deaths

Sudan's ruling Transitional Military Council ordered the closure of all schools in the country indefinitely on Wednesday after thousands of people took to the streets on Tuesday to protest the killing of five students at recent demonstrations. Footage shot on Wednesday shows empty classrooms in Khartoum as well as the reactions of some residents of the Sudanese capital. «Closing schools is a... Еще very right decision, because keeping the students alive is a priority over anything else,» said one resident, who supported the decision. «Not completing the curriculum within the given or decided time will create a pressure on them at the end of the year, it will be a big pressure, [but] postponing [education] is also for their safety,» added another local. Others accused the Council of threatening security, instead of ensuring it. «It is a big shame for the Military Council, because they are the ones responsible for security, and for people's lives in the country. They should maintain security, not drive people to seek security from other means,» said one resident. On Monday, five high-school students were shot dead while protesting bread shortages in El-Obeid, North Kordofan. According to reports, over 60 people were wounded. On Tuesday, thousands of Sudanese students joined demonstrations across the country to protest the violent reaction to the rallies.

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