Stop FOALing around! Man in unicorn mask fails to charm Ksenia Sobchak

It turns out that unicorns are not confined to the realm of fairytales, as one of their kind tried to approach Russian socialite and 'dark horse' of the upcoming presidential elections Ksenia Sobchak in Moscow, Tuesday. Whilst speaking about her presidential ambitions to journalists, Sobchak was approached by an unknown man wearing a unicorn mask. Security guards pushed the man outside, where he... Еще fell and galloped away unbothered. According to reports, the masked man wanted to ask Ksenia about her participation in «this great horse race.» Over the years, Sobchak has been portrayed as a horse in multiple internet memes. The TV host played on this by participating in photoshoots as a zebra and acting in a mock commercial for a 'Horse Power' shampoo.


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