State of Palestine: Water crisis deepens in the besieged Gaza Valley

Footage filmed in the Gaza Valley on Monday, shows the deteriorating water crisis in the area, with more than 97 percent of freshwater unsuitable for human consumption. Footage shows polluted beaches in the area and a large amount of rubbish in the water. Children could also be seen collecting recyclable rubbish. One of the residents living in the polluted area, Ramadan Al-Tatar, recounted... Еще that the Gaza Valley used to be «a natural reserve,» where «there was no sewage, and the land and sand were so clean.» He noted that «now this place is full of sewage, which can make people suffer, and there are many people who have left the area.» The resident also stressed that the smell that comes from the sewage makes the area uninhabitable, adding that children living in the area often become sick and «go from one hospital to another.» Consultant in the Water and Environmental Sciences and Public Health, Ahmad Hisham Hillis, condemned various types of water contamination in the region, citing research studies that purportedly confirm chemical and biological pollution of the area's freshwater. He also called for «strategic solutions,» which he said would take a long time «due to the siege» of Gaza by Israeli forces. Gaza's water supply has been largely affected by overpumping, which has caused a steep drop in aquifer levels. The region's water has also been contaminated by sewage due to poor maintenance of local sewage systems, with some research studies showing a spread of diseases caused by water pollution.

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