State of Palestine: 'Tell me why?' — Children wail over living conditions in Gaza

Children affected by the long-running Israel-Palestine conflict, rallied near the Erez Crossing, northern Gaza, on Tuesday. The rally was called under the slogan «Tell me why?» Young people held up posters drawing attention to the effects of war, while standing next to small sized coffins. Some of the children also carried scars from facial injuries thought to have been the result of Israeli... Еще strikes on the Gaza Strip. «I hope to be like the children of the world and travel. I hope that they open the crossing, give us Jerusalem back, end the siege and other things like these,» remarked Mohammad, a small boy. «This is a scream of a Palestinian woman who appeal the Arab and Islamic world to the siege against our children. Our children have the right to live, they have the right to live,» added Tamam Al-Afifi, a mother in attendance.

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