State of Palestine: Shattered legs, unbroken dreams! Boxer fights for future

Ahmed Abumarahil's dream of representing Palestine as its boxing champion was brought to a swift end when he was shot in the legs during the 'Great March of Return' demonstrations. The young boxer spoke about how he refuses to let his injury hold him back in Gaza on Saturday. The 21-year-old, who went by the nickname Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali, was injured three times at protests along the Israeli-Palestinian border, fighting for the rights of Palestinians to return to their families' pre-1948 homes. The first injury came when a rubber-coated bullet hit his abdomen on April. A month later a tear gas canister burnt his hands, but he suffered his worst injury in June when bullets shattered both of his legs. «My dream was to be boxing champion, being the champion of the Palestinian team and raising the Palestine flag abroad,» Ahmed said. He hopes that his recovery will allow him to «stand on my legs and walk again to go back and achieve my first dream, which is being the first champion in Palestine.» Ahmed's trainer Osama Ayoob has refused to give up on his young prodigy, wheeling him all the way to the boxing ring for training. «Every Palestinian player represents the Palestinian people and the occupation is always an obstacle in their way, an obstacle for every Palestinian doing sports,» Ayoob explained.

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