State of Palestine: Restaurant offers 80% discount to Koreans in gratitude to Kim Jong-un

The Raba'a restaurant in Gaza has launched a campaign, Friday, to give 80 percent discounts to all Korean visitors in gratitude to North Korea and it's leader Kim Jong-un's support for Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and for refusing to recognise Israel. A poster with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hangs on the window of the Raba'a restaurant announcing the discount, as does the North... Еще Korean flag. One customer explained «after saying that they [North Korea] will not recognise the State of Israel and that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. This is the most encouraging thing for us to keep coming to the restaurant.» Though, according to the owner Ibrahim Raba'a, there are no records of any North Koreans in the Gaza Strip, he explained that this move is «something of solidarity with the Korean people and I hope that this thing develops into relations and support for our Palestinian cause.» He adds that this initiative must serve as an incentive to other countries to openly declare Jerusalem the capital of Palestine, «we hope that our message reaches the leaders of the Arabs and the people of the world as a whole.» Earlier the North Korean Foreign Ministry expressed solidarity with Palestinians condemning Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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