State of Palestine: Relatives recount toddler's detention by Israeli soldiers

Relatives of a Palestinian toddler recounted how the two-and-a half year old was detained by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron last Thursday, in an interview recorded on Monday. «A soldier came to him and insulted him and his mother. The child went and came with a kitchen utensil and attacked the soldier,» said the uncle of the boy, who saw the events from the roof of a nearby... Еще house. «He can't even talk till now. He was playing and the army took him,» remembered boy's brother Wadee Moswada, who helped drag his brother from the soldiers. «I went and pulled him from the hand of the soldier and gave him to my father,» added Wadee Moswada. The soldiers held the crying child while the boy's father attempted to get his son back. Reportedly, border police claim that the child was sent towards them with a screwdriver and to throw stones at them, which they deemed to be provocation. For more content on this story, please visit:

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