State of Palestine: Ramallah locals despondent following Israeli elections

Palestinian people on the streets of Ramallah on Wednesday said that the results of the Israeli election do not change anything of the day to day realities for people in the State of Palestine. One local said that the apparent re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu for a record fifth term made no difference because «they chose shedding blood and if they choose Netanyahu or someone else, they will... Еще remain an enemy.» «As Palestinians, we have seen no change. In the end, all the Israeli parties and all these names serve Israel against the Palestinian rights and against the Palestinian interests. Whoever the winner is in the Israeli elections, we are under the occupation and these governments will change nothing for us,» one local told Ruptly. One man said that the Palestinian people «will not have a peaceful solution because the Jews do not want a peaceful solution. They are not interested in the peaceful solution.» «Even if Shimon Peres comes out of his grave, the peace process will not be achieved because the Jews do not want peace. We ask for peace but they do not want that,» said another man.

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