State of Palestine: Rafah border crossing under PA control for first time in decade

The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt opened on Saturday under Palestinian Authority control for the first time since 2007. The border will be open for three days on a humanitarian basis. Palestinian Authorities allowed travellers to pass through the crossing for medical and educational purposes. One of the people waiting to cross the border was a mother called Sahar Obaid, who... Еще explained that her daughter is suffering from a heart disease and she must travel for the necessary operation. «We hope that there will be more facilities and that we will enter the crossing easily, God willing. Previously, we were suffering and hoping it would get better», she said. Another Palestinian waiting at the crossing, Iyad Abu al-Khair, explained that it was in the interest of Palestinian citizens for students and patients to leave the Gaza strip, adding that he hoped problems would be solved so that citizens could leave without «obstacles and with freedom.» Gaza has been isolated since Hamas took power in 2007. For the past 10 years, Gaza's borders have been closed.

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