State of Palestine: Palestinians flock to Gaza-Egypt border as Rafah crossing reopens

Hundreds of Palestinian flocked to the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, Saturday, as the Egyptian authorities reopened the Rafah border crossing in both directions for only four days to enable humanitarian missions and students. People waited for hours for their travel permits to be approved by the Palestinian authorities with some of them being denied the opportunity to cross over. The... Еще Ministry of Education urged Gaza students abroad to take advantage of the opening and travel to their universities. «My son is in the University, El-Mansoura University. They confirmed that if he doesn't return on the 18th, they are going to end the cooperation with the University and he will be left on the street» said a Palestinian worried about his son. Another woman with a medical emergency said «I am sick and I need to have a joint operation in Egypt.» Another woman anxious to cross explained that even though she is married to an Egyptian citizen she still faces difficulties «I am not allowed to visit my family and go back to my children. I have six sons and one daughter. My younger son is one year old. I haven’t seen him for 40 days,» adding that «I will go to the border even if I get shot, I will go through. It doesn't matter to me; I have to see my children.»

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