State of Palestine: Palestinian 'resistance icon' injured by Israeli forces

Aaed Abu Amro, a Palestinian protester who was photographed resembling the battle between David and Goliath, while topless, holding a Palestinian flag in one hand and a slingshot in the other, was injured in the leg by Israeli forces on Monday. Footage filmed from the eastern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, shows Amro injured at home defiant and stating that he will keep returning to the ongoing border... Еще protests. Amro lay in bed surrounded by friends and family, who now help him to move around. The protester became famous after his photograph made during one of the Great March of Return protests went viral and he was even compared with the famous 'Liberty Leading the People' painting, with some calling him a resistance 'icon'. «I go to the Great March of Return demonstrations to live with dignity and to take back our lands. I will go to the eastern border, Zekeem, and every Friday to the eastern boarder. I will never leave. I will go every day and God willing, our dreams will be achieved,» shared his thoughts Amro. The Great March of Return, launched in late March, form a series of protests along the Israeli-Palestinian border with Gaza, to demand the right for Palestinians to return to their pre-1948 family homes.

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