State of Palestine: Palestine 'cannot exist' without East Jerusalem as capital — Palestinian diplomat

Palestinian diplomat Saeb Erekat stated in an interview in Jericho on Saturday that Palestine «cannot exist» without East Jerusalem as the capital. Speaking about Trump's decision on Jerusalem which sparked clashes across the world, the prominent Palestinian diplomat suggested that the Trump Administration's next step would be «approval of the [illicit] settlements' incorporation into Israel... Еще.» Saeb Erekat said that Palestine was «surprised» by the announcement made on December 6th. «They didn't make us any question, didn't say anything about their blueprint, didn't tell us anything at all», said Mr. Erekat. Speculating on Palestine's further response to Trump's decision, Saeb Erekat expressed his personal opinion that the country will convoke «the Palestinian Central Council which is the highest parliamentarian body just after the National Council». «The principal of equal rights for Hebrews, Christians and Muslims in the space from the river to the sea» will be a prime issue to consider, as the diplomat put it. Saeb Erekat suggested that Palestine would not give up if «the USA frustrates our attempts in the Security Council», and that they would keep appealing to the other institutions such as the General Assembly, the International Court and the US Supreme court.


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