State of Palestine: «Our hopes are broken» — Protesters demand opening of Rafah Crossing Point

Crowds of protesters rallied in front of the Rafah Crossing Point between Gaza and Egypt calling for it to be opened, Thursday. Protesters included students, people requiring medical treatment and home-owners. They held posters reading «it is my right to enjoy freedom of movement through the crossings» and «my future was destroyed because of the closure of Rafah crossing.» «There are many... Еще students who have a date for a visa and which have been renewed more than once in the hope of opening the crossing,» Ibrahim Sidem, a student at the protest, said. Another protester, Abeer, complained that she hasn't been able to see her husband who lives in Turkey for a year. «It is the only exit for our people in Gaza,» she said, pleading officials to open the Rafah Border Crossing. «We hope to get good news from the negotiations taking place in Cairo,» she added. The Egyptian authorities announced it would open the border crossing for three consecutive days starting Saturday. Earlier this month, the Palestinian National Authority government formally took over the Gaza border crossings from Hamas following a Cairo-brokered agreement of Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

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