State of Palestine: Opponents of 'deal of the century' face tear gas in Hebron

Large numbers of protesters rallied in a demonstration called for by the Fatah movement in Hebron in the West Bank on Thursday, to protest US President Donald Trump's proposed 'deal of the century'. Footage shows protesters carrying the flags of Fatah and Palestine and calling for the national unity and to continuation of the struggle. Protesters were faced by large numbers of Israeli soldiers... Еще who deployed tear gas to disperse them. The Palestinians took to the streets «to deliver a message, that they reject this ominous deal,» said Secretary of Fatah Movement in Hebron Imad Kharwat. Kharwat added that «yesterday there was a martyr in the city of Hebron, and today two martyrs in the city of Jenin and a martyr in the city of Jerusalem, in a rejection to this deal,» and that «the world should know that these people will not waive their rights to establish its own state whose capital is Jerusalem.» Trump unveiled his set of proposals to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington DC last month. Palestinians rejected the plan as being one-sided in favour of Israel.

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