State of Palestine: Motorcycle fleet revs through Gaza to mark Naksa Day

Several Palestinians joined a motorcycle rally in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to mark the 51st anniversary of «Naksa Day', when Israel took over the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967. The protest was organised by both the National Committee for Return Demonstrations and Breaking the Siege. Demonstrators drove from the Al-Saraya square in the middle of the Gaza... Еще Strip to Erez crossing in Beit Hanoon, holding Palestinian flags and sounding their motorcycle horns. There were several Palestinian leaders seen in the demonstration. «The resistance is the arm and the protective shield of this people and these demonstrations and resistance will face the Zionist occupation», said Hamas leader Ismail Radwan. «This is why we wanted the million demonstration to be on the 51st anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem and in the International Day of Jerusalem. That is, to confirm that Jerusalem is an inseparable part of the Palestinian territories. We demand the world move quickly to enable our people self-determination and to establish their state, and we warn against the international silence from the crimes committed by the occupation without doing anything», stated leader of the Democratic Front Talal Abu Zarifa.

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