State of Palestine: Man with Down syndrome volunteers as muezzin at West Bank mosque

A 41-year-old Palestinian man with Down syndrome was seen going about his duties as muezzin at a mosque in Hebron in the West Bank at the start of May. Amjad Al Karaki volunteered for the role after a lack of government funding left the position vacant. Amjad was seen announcing prayer times through a loudspeaker and cleaning the mosque in the days just before Ramadan, and at the start of the... Еще Muslim holy month. «I get tired after working but I come to the mosque because I like to be a muezzin and announce prayer times for people,» said the volunteer. Former muezzin Abdullah Al Fakhouri commented on the work of his successor, saying, «all those who pray in the mosque respect Amjad and admire his good morals, commitment to his work as a muezzin and his dedication to everything related to the mosque.”

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