State of Palestine: Man shot by Israeli sniper recounts horror

Tamer Abu-Daka, the unarmed Palestinian protester who was shot by an Israeli sniper in footage captured by Israeli forces as they cheer him being shot, recounted the incident in Gaza's Khan Younis on Wednesday. «You are the Israeli terrorists and the evidence is that you publish the video on all the channels of the world while you are shooting me and mocking me,» Tamer Abu-Daka said speaking of... Еще the instant the Israelis are heard cheering on video as he was sniped down while attempting to rescue a fallen protester. «We are not living. We are one with the dead; you just need to bury us,» Tamer Abu-Daka added as he spoke of the ongoing «siege, poverty and oppression» in the closed-off Gaza strip. While the shooting took place in December 2018, the video only resurfaced in the last few days as the Gaza strip is witnessing one of its most tumultuous periods in recent years, in which as many as 31 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds shot during the 'March of Return' protests.

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