State of Palestine: Khan Yunis home obliterated in airstrike

A house in the city of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza strip, was obliterated on Wednesday in an alleged Israeli airstrike. The family was reportedly told to evacuate five minutes ahead of the blast. Footage shows a rubble-filled crater, several meters deep, where the house was. «The Israeli army proclaimed that they had targeted a house of an al-Qassam leader,» said Umm Mohammed Zo'rob, the mother of... Еще the family who lived in the destroyed home. «My husband is a peaceful farmer, and he has no connection with any faction of the resistance.» At least 24 Palestinians were reportedly killed and dozens more injured in a two-day escalation of violence since Israel launched airstrikes to kill a top Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu al-Ata. According to the Gaza officials, more than 50 air raids and 21 artillery attacks have targeted various areas in the Gaza Strip, including homes, agricultural lands and farms. A total of 48 houses were reportedly destroyed in the airstrikes.

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