State of Palestine: Israeli forces set up caravan houses ahead of village demolition

Mobile caravan houses have been installed by Israeli forces in proximity of Palestinian village of al-Eizariya on Tuesday, to transport Khan al-Ahmar residents whose village is destined for demolition. White caravan homes would be reportedly used to relocate as many as 35 families of the Bedouin settlement, resulting in the displacement of as many as 181 residents, half of which are children... Еще. On June 5, the village was sealed off by Israeli bulldozers denying entrance to members of the press who sought access to the village. The Israeli Supreme Court approved the request to demolish the village in May, claiming that Khan al-Ahmar was built illegally without an Israeli permit and that the residents should relocate to the nearby village Al-Jabel. The village has become the centre of international attention as some argue its destruction would provide Israel with the perfect opportunity to connect Jerusalem to the West Bank illegal settlement of Maale Adumim, effectively creating a divide in the already-occupied land.

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