State of Palestine: Israel eviction order ejects 75 y/o woman from Jerusalem family home

A 75-year-old Palestinian woman said that the Israeli authorities had ordered her and her family to evict their house in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, speaking in an interview from the house where she lived for over half a century, Friday. Fahamiya Shamasneh said that her house was going to be rendered an Israeli property, with a Jewish family, who reportedly claimed prior... Еще ownership of the house, moving in next Wednesday. «May God take revenge on them. 53 years in this house, what injustice,» Shamasneh said. «The Israelis should give us our land, our olive trees that they took from us. They take our homes, they claim it is theirs, they take our olive trees,» the septuagenarian evictee added. A number of sympathisers gathered outside the house, where they performed Friday prayers and voiced their condemnation of the eviction order. «This is not justice, this is discrimination between Arabs, or Palestinians, and Jews, or Israelis,» Israeli businessman Gil Jodklik, who was present among the sympathisers said. «You can't do the other way, Palestinian family can't go to their property in Jaffa or Acre or Haifa and say 'we want this house' again and the government will throw them away,» he added.
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