State of Palestine: 'He was just a child' — Parents of teenager killed by Israeli sniper speak out

Parents of 15-year-old Mohammed Ayoub, who was killed by an Israeli sniper on Friday, pleaded for the UN and other human rights organisations to «look at the rights» of Palestinian children, speaking in Gaza on Sunday. Mohammed’s father recalled the last time he saw his son alive. «He was going to the fence for only an hour and then he would come back right away.» He added that Mohammed was... Еще «300 meters away and even if he was right next to the fence, he was in a peaceful demonstration and he was a child. What gives them the right to shoot him and why?» He went on to say that his son’s only fault was «demanding his rights and the rights of those children that got executed before him.» Mohammed’s mother urged the international community, including the UN and the Arab states, to «look at the rights of Palestinian children in Gaza.» Mohammed Ayoub was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper during protests at the Israeli-Gaza border on Friday. The European Union called on Israel to investigate Ayoub's death on Saturday. Israel's use of live fire against protesting Palestinians on the Gaza border has drawn widespread international criticism.

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