State of Palestine: Hamas take control of Rafah Crossing as PA leave in protest

Hamas took control of the Gaza's Rafah Crossing with Egypt, Sunday, after the Palestinian Authority (PA) left in protest. The PA's decision was made following a purported high number of arrests of members of Fatah in Gaza, as they organised a celebration of their 54 years as an organisation. The PA accuses Hamas of «obstructing» their work at the border, labelling the authorities in control of... Еще Gaza as «brutal» and akin to «gangs.» Hamas have responded to the PA's decision by saying the decision further divides Gaza from the West Bank. They have denied the mass arrests that Fatah and the PA have accused them of. The ramifications of this decision could be considerable, as the crossing was closed by Egyptian authorities after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi accused Hamas of materially supporting terrorists in Egypt through the tunnels and crossings around Rafah. The PA took control of the crossing in November 2017, as part of a deal with Egypt. The re-opening of the crossing was contingent of PA control. The border's terminal has now been closed, weeks after Egypt pledged to have it open daily.

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