State of Palestine: Hamas calls for new Intifada to make Trump 'regret this decision'

The leader of Hamas in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh called for a new uprising or «Intifada» against the «Zionist occupation» from Gaza on Thursday, following US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday. Haniyeh called for “launching an Intifada in the face of the Zionist occupation,” before adding “there are no half solutions today.” The Hamas Gaza leader... Еще continued stating that he wanted to «make Trump recognise that he will regret and, say again, he will very much regret this decision.» Haniyeh announced a “day of rage” for 8 December, to mark the beginning of an «Intifada of Freedom of Jerusalem and the West Bank.» This would occur on the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the first Intifada (Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of Palestine), which started on December 8 1987. Trump’s announcement has been met with near universal condemnation from world leaders who believe the decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital jeopardises the Middle East peace process. Israel has always claimed Jerusalem as its capital while Palestinians demand that annexed East Jerusalem becomes the capital of a future Palestinian state.

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