State of Palestine: Gazans queue to receive $100 grants from Qatar

Scores of people queued outside the Al-Remal post office in Gaza City on Monday, to receive a $100 (€88,85) payout from Qatari grants for impoverished families. It is estimated by Qatari authorities that around 108,000 families will benefit from the donation. The distribution of funds reportedly commenced shortly after Qatari envoy Mohammed al-Emadi arrived in the enclave. It is reportedly the... Еще fifth time that Qatar authorities have decided to donate funds to poor families in Gaza. «Today, I did not have any money. When I got $100 as an aid, I could pay my debts to the owner of the supermarket. And if somebody is living on a rent, he can also pay some money to the owner of the house. If somebody is sick, he can buy the medicine. This means that this money can help people and we thank all who sent them,» said one Gaza resident. «It can help. Everyone in the Gaza Strip needs money even If they are less than a dollar, what about $100. A little money can cause a crisis for the citizen. Having $100 during Ramadan can help so much. All people need these money because there is no work you can do,» said another resident. «For someone like me who has a family, when I get 100$, I can manage my needs. There are many people who have debts, they can pay part of them like the half, the third and they can do something else with the rest of the money,» he added. The Qatari government announced plans on May 7 to transfer some $480 (€427) million in grants and loan to Palestinians in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The bulk of the funds will reportedly go towards supporting education and health programmes run by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, while $180 (€160) million will go towards humanitarian relief and electricity costs.

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